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Post submitted by Ralph Hubbard

Inner Peace is the Beginning of World Peace...

Living in Peace, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating world peace one person at a time.  Our belief is that world peace does not begin by solving the differences between nations or political organizations or between groups with strongly held religious or ethnic beliefs.  Rather world peace begins with each individual taking responsibility for their part.  When we can let go of our own resentments, prejudices, fears, intolerances, and anger, we become a link in the chain of world peace. 

Our mission is to promote personal inner peace on a large

scale so that we will have a more peaceful world.

We believe inner peace is the beginning of world peace.  We will work individually and in partnership with other non-profit organizations and individuals with similar goals to promote this mission.

There are certain concepts or universal truths about human life that, if understood and practiced, can lead to more personal inner peace and ultimately a more peaceful world.  Making these truths become common knowledge among all people is the mission of Living in Peace so that we will have a more peaceful world.

Universal Truths That Living in Peace

Wants to Make Common Knowledge in the World

  1. Our emotions and feelings are not caused by the events in our lives, but rather by the mind’s interpretation of those events. 
  2. We can learn to hear our mind’s interpretation of events and thereby learn to catch or intercept the reaction of undesirable emotions and feelings.  
  3. Most of what our minds say to us when interpreting events is either false or questionable, because at a very early age our minds decided how life, people, and events were.  Beliefs, expectations, and judgments were then set in place that often were not based on facts or reality and do not serve us as adults. 
  4. Consciously telling the truth to ourselves about our mind's interpretations of events, and then choosing a new path based on this truth, is one of the easiest ways to maintain inner peace. 
  5. Our self-worth is not dependent upon anything external to us.  We have it because we are. 
  6. People hold on to resentments because there is an illusion that we get something for doing so. 
  7. There is great cost to us and to society for holding on to our resentments.  
  8. Forgiving someone or something that we hold resentment toward does not mean we are saying it is OK that they did what we are resenting them for.  It simply means that we will no longer hold ill will toward them. 
  9. Forgiveness is something that we do for ourselves and not necessarily something we are doing for those we have resented. 
  10. Self-forgiveness is an important step toward inner peace. 
  11. A peaceful soul does not hold anger, resentment, fear, intolerance, or prejudice.  
  12. In every event in life there is an opportunity for growth and a chance to get closer to that which sources us. 
  13. Having inner peace is a choice and every time we find ourselves out of sync with an intention of living in peace, we have a choice of how we want to live. 
  14. There is great power in our thoughts and we attract to us what we think.

Ralph Hubbard has been on a path of self discovery, enlightenment, and personal growth most of his life. The last 20+ years he has learned much through the Kairos More To Life Foundation’s More To Life program. ( )  He has seen radical change in himself and other people through this program and has seen many people loose their anger, resentments, prejudices, and intolerances and become at peace with themselves and their world.  His desire to pass this knowledge on to others, so we can have a more peaceful world, is what prompted him to start the Living in Peace organization.

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jimfoster on Tuesday, 05 October 2021 10:54 said:
Thanks, Ralph, for sharing the info about Living in Peace. Your work in this area as well as your own personal demonstration of it certainly merits the participation of others who have a heart for peace--both personal and world wide. We have much in common! Jim
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