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ICS publishes a quarterly online journal, En Christo: A Journal for a New Christianity, that includes book reviews and commentary relevant to a re-visioning of what it means to be Christian.

En Christo Archive

PEACE MEMO, a news and info letter is available by email to all participants in ICS programs and other interested persons.

Peace Memo Archive



www.PeacebuildingInstitute.org  World Citizenship Institute is committed to the proposition that we are all children of God by virtue of our creation by God, and that we are therefore brothers and sisters in the world-wide human family, whatever our race, nationality, or religion may be.  WCI is a peacebuilding organization.

www.CNVC.org  Center for Nonviolent Communication.  A global organization helping people connect compassionately with themselves and one another through Nonviolent Communication language, created by Marshall B. Rosenberg, Ph.D.

www.PreachingPeace.org  Nonviolent Atonement.  They are seeking to discern the will of God on both a macro and a micro level, on both an objective and a subjective plane.  In short, they seek wholeness (shalom), the peace that is ours in the gospel of the God of Peace revealed in the Prince of Peace.

www.LivingInPeace.org  Dedicated to promoting the belief that inner peace is the beginning of world peace and offering universal truths to help people achieve inner peace.

More To Life courses teach practical tools and skills that help you connect with your best self whenever you choose and grasp more of the creative possibilities in every life situation.

Performances and workshops to excite children, teens, and adults with motivation, creativity, and a healthy dose of consciousness raising.  She uses stories and songs to illustrate Biblical and universally spiritual principles.

www.AtlPeace.org  The "Atlanta: City of Peace" program encompasses seven major projects in Atlanta: The Global Peace Academy, The Global Peace Concert, The Global Peace Flight, The Global Peace Garden, The Global Peace Museum, The Global Peace Tower, and The Global Peace Walk.  The organization has its roots in the peace work of Martin Luther King, Jr. and is seeking to make Atlanta, Georgia a center for international peace efforts.

www.InfoPlease.com/countries  This is a comprehensive collection of geographic, demographic and political data on all the countries in the world--a helpful resource for those with an interest in world peace.

National Association Of Evangelicals
The National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) is a voluntary association of individuals, denominations, churches, schools and organizations comprised of approximately 43,000 congregations nationwide from 50 member denominations and individual congregations from an additional 27 denominations, as well as several hundred independent churches.

The Peace Alliance
Participate in an historic citizen lobbying effort to create a U.S. Department of Peace. There is currently a bill before the U.S. House of Representatives (HR 808). This landmark measure will augment our current problem-solving options, providing practical, nonviolent solutions to the problems of domestic and international conflict.

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